Security Consulting and Private Investigation Services

Today's world is full of uncertainty. Threats can emerge from nowhere and any reaction is after the fact. The damage is done - you've been had by an enemy to your interests, or worse.

Maintaining an advantage, not to mention keeping up and surviving, requires prowess and preparedness. Since your business domain or specialty is not Security, having a Security Professional on your team will give you that edge you need ...and peace of mind.

With nearly 40 years experience in Law Enforcement, Security, and Special Operations in premiere organizations, 20 years FBI, 10 years US Army Military Police, 7 years advising US, Allied and developing nations on behalf of the US Dept of Justice, FBI, the State Dept. Diplomatic Security Service, and DoD, Mr. Nason has seen traditional threats give way to previously unknown methods of inflicting harm. Having seen this, he has built and maintains a network of tried and true, reliable professionals, as well as with experts in state-of-the-art technologies. Having this network instantly on your team, along with knowing the highest level of service and professionalism is the standard, and has your back, Peace of mind can be yours. Reach out.